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Artists & Arts Projects

William T Cooper

Wildlife Artist (more info)

Bill is a world renowned wildlife artist who is working towards an exhibition in 2013.  This project is currently under development.

Under development: 5 mins

Abe Muriata

Basket Craftsman

The Q150 stories celebrated Queensland's distinctive identity. Abe is a weaver of fine traditional baskets based at Girringun Arts Centre (2009)

State Library of Queensland: 5min 30s

Capturing the Essence

William T. Cooper

Bill has painted professionally since 1964.  This video formed part of the launch of his new books sold through Andrew Isles (2011)

Andrew Isles Bookshop: 5 mins

Tom Risley


The Q150 stories celebrated Queensland's distinctive identity. Tom Risley talks about his life as an artist and his inspriations (2009)

State Library of Queensland: 6 mins 45s

Judy Watson & Alick Tipoti

Tilt Train artists

A chat with the artists whose work covers the Tilt Train as it journeys north to Cairns for the official launch of the project (2011)

State Library of Queensland: 8 mins

Mabiuag Island Culture Love


Re-telling of the myths and legends of the Torres Strait in contemporay forms. Created during a holiday programme on Mabiuag Island (2010)

State Library of Queensland: 4 mins