Cycling Mongolia


This documentary is a spectacular portrait of five Australians and their personal journeys as they cycle actoss the mystical backdrop of Mongolia.

The 2,500km of terrain being traversed is extremely isolated, wild and physically taxing on the team.  The bikes weigh up to 60kg, the roads are dirt ... they are out there for two months unsupported.

During the expedition intimate provocative interviews disclose each member's daily struggles, weekly discoveries and final transformations.  Events along the way spur raw reactions from different members.



Producers: Sarah Scragg & Citt Williams
Directors: Citt Williams & Sarah Scragg
Executive Producer: Mark Chapman

Editor: David Halliday
Sound: John Wilsteed
Post: Scope Post Production

Funded: CH7, PFTC, AFC
Completed: 2000


Awards and Screenings

Highly commended ACS Cinematography Award

Screened at Kendal Mountain Film Festival UK 2000
Hobart Adventure Film Festival 2001,
Also sold to Discovery Channel and France, Switzerland, UK, Asia, Middle East, Israel, Sweden, Thailand